Education committee

The Local Education Committee must advise the school on issues relating to the programs covered by the committee and to promote cooperation between the local business community and the school. In addition, the local education committee advises the school on new training needs at local and regional level and on the need for renewal and revision of existing continuing education.

The overall framework for the content of the teaching and the completion of the basic course examination is approved by the local educational committee. The local education committee is:


The local education committee at  Kalø Økologiske Landbrugsskole
Malene Aaris, chairman, malene.aaris@icloud.comelected by Viden Djurs
Thomas Helle, allerup22@gmail.comelected by Landbrug & Fødevarer
Heidi Karnøe, heidi.karnoe@3F.dkelected by 3F
Nikolaj Houkjær, niho@kalo.dkappointed employee
Elias Jensen Hall, elia0925@videndjurs.dkappointed student
Ole Svit, oles@videndjurs.dkappointed leader