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Our main values are

  • Organic & Sustainability
  • Community
  • Innovation
  • Trust
  • Quality

We constantly strive to integrate our values into our conduct and environment both personally and communally. We pursue to live after our fundamental values in everyday life both in-house and outside of the college.

An enjoyable stay at our college is borne by everyone’s will to contribute to a community. A community is healthy when everyone exemplifies the values and norms, which we have established. Nobody likes to be controlled and corrected in his conduct all the time; this only creates an environment of mistrust and monitoring. Trust and self-responsibility aspire personal growth whether it is a student or a staff member. Therefore, it is fundamental for us that we work together and all contribute to a community where we can thrive and help others to thrive.

We as a school prefer not spending our time and energy on pointing out rules and call attention to inconsiderate behaviour. Therefore, we advocate few rules and hope that everyone who stays here with us, short or long-term, supports and lives after our values and norms.

Nevertheless when so many people come together there a few rules that must be kept. These rules evolved on basis of our values, our experience and from common etiquette at an agricultural college, all with the purpose to enable students to meet the challenges of an education at a boarding school and to be able to cope with the challenges of working in agriculture later on.