Kalø Professional Day

Participate in the free LIVE webinar “Kalø Professional Day”, and get a good deal of new knowledge in organic production.

There are several speakers on the program, and they will get into everything from high-quality protein crops to socializing between cows and calves in dairy herds as well as concrete experiences from successful young farmers.

Kalø Professional Day is the year’s professional fireworks at Kalø Organic Agricultural College. The day is a professional break from the busy daily life, where you are allowed to look at agricultural issues from a new angle.

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Date and time:

February 27th  2021 at 10.00 – 15.00.


10.00-11.00: Legumes for consumption – Experiences and opportunities by Jesper Fog-Petersen, consultant, Organic Denmark.

Legumes for consumption – Experiences and opportunities by Jesper Fog-Petersen, consultant, Organic Denmark. A treasure chest of Danish plant proteins – Which of the many legumes of the past can be the solutions of the future, and which new legume species find their way to the Danish (organic grown) fields?



11.15-12.15: Mother-bonded calf rearing system in organic dairy herds by Mette Vaarst, senior researcher at the Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University.

Results and experience from “Cow’n’calf” project, mother-bonded calf rearing system in organic dairy herds v. Mette Vaarst, senior researcher at the Department of Animal Science at Research Centre Foulum, Aarhus University.

This presentation is about keeping cows and calves together in the milk feeding period in dairy herds. It is showing and discussing experiences with cow calf contact systems in different parts of Europe – for example Norway, France, Denmark and the Netherlands. Cow-calf contact systems is a change for most European farmers compared to our current way of thinking, and we can see it from at least four different points of views: the calf, the cow, the human care-taker, and ‘the system’. What are the practical possibilities and arguments for keeping cow and calf together for longer time than what we often see in today’s dairy herds?  

Mette Vaarst is senior researcher at the Department of Animal Science at Research Centre Foulum, Aarhus University, and has been project leader of recent projects on cow-calf contact systems.



12.45-13.45: Experiences from Søtofte, grass-based farm with dairy cows, egg layers and micro-dairy by Michel Poulsen.

At Søtofte we have a grass-based farm with 50 ha, dairy cows and chickens. We have kept as large a part of the value chain as possible on the farm, which means that we have our own farm dairy, egg packing facilities and direct sales to restaurants and private customers. Our cows have horns, are fed exclusively on grass, kept with the bull, are milked once a day in the field in our mobile milking parlor and stay with their calves for at least 3 months. Our chickens live in mobile poultry houses and are moved to fresh grass 3 times a week all year round and are supplemented with organic chicken feed. We have 27 dairy cows and 1350 chickens.



14.00-15.00: Experience of establishing a Market Garden and an Agroforest in collaboration with Andelsgaarde by Nanna Thomsen and Christopher Lundgren, educated farmers from Kalø Agricultural College and managers of Lerbjerggård in Northern Zealand.

In this presentation, we will share our experience of coming directly from farming school to starting our own business with a Market Garden and an Agroforest from scratch – without a bank loan but together with the organisation Andelsgaarde and their more than 1700 members helping with everything from making a nature preservation plan, weeding and building. The organisation continues to grow and is currently looking for new farmers, passionate about regenerative farming and nature preservation. 



Practical information:

Signing up is required.

You participate in the webinar via your computer, tablet or smartphone for DKK 0.

Kalø Profesional Day is meant for students at Kalø, former students and other Kalø friends but is also open to all with interest in the topic.

When you sign up for the webinar, we will send you an email containing the streaming information, and again shortly before the webinar starts. The same streaming link will be used for the whole program.

Each presentation lasts 30 minutes followed by a 30 minute Q&A session. The questions are asked in writing in the chat during the webinar.

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What to expect from Kalø Professional Day:

  • Presentations from successful farmers with alternative production methods and business models
  • Presentations on key topics within the newest development in organic farming with speakers from organic development agencies and research institutions
  • An opportunity to raise questions you may have about the different topics and get qualified answer from practitioners and academics


What you will get from each webinar (we hope):

  • A good understanding of the context, technical possibilities and challenges in the new developments within organic farming
  • The inspiration to apply the knowledge, as well as advocate for new practices in your community or work context

… and the inspiration to continue learning more about it!