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I have always been interested in nature, animals and being outside, working with my hands. As a former electrical engineer I was lacking all of it and decided to change my career. I chose a path of organic farming, because animal welfare, healthy soil and nutrient dense food are very important to me. With no previous experience in farming(not counting my small garden), I arrived to Kalo three years ago, with a lot of expectations and dreams.

I was debating between going to the university in Czech Republic and coming here, to Denmark. After discovering the Global organic course, it was a no-brainer for me. I was looking for a school which teaches the theoretical part, but also gives students the ability to learn directly from the farmers. During the basic course I learned about the soil, plant production, animals and how to operate a tractor and other farm machinery. My first internship was on a big sheep farm in Chile, in South America, where I could learn about holistic management as well as about working in challenging environment.

The next year I went to Canada to learn more about market gardening and growing vegetables, giving me the understanding of the whole process from seed to harvest. After each internship, follows an intensive few months at the school, building on previous knowledge and getting a big picture of all the connected elements of organic farming. It is not only the teachers we learn from, we are also learning from each other in the class, because everyone has different set of experience and knowledge. Some of us are even planning to start a farm together after we finish the school. I am truly looking forward to the future, feeling prepared to meet the challenges that will inevitably arise, but also to reap the rewards of this wonderful lifestyle.

Jaroslav Smekal, 22 years old, Czech Republic