My name is Arturo, I am 23 years old and I just finished my basic course in GOF. I was raised in Madrid, where I will do my first internship in a biodynamic farm producing cheese and bread. Let me share with you something about my city.

Madrid doesn’t produce anything necessary to be alive. All commodities like food or water are brought from outside. Currently, 7 billion people live in this planet, half of them in big cities like mine. Also today, most food coming to my parents table has been transported an average of 5600 km. Our industrial production system creates dependence between societies and generates strong political dynamics.

Agriculture is a key issue in our contemporary world in order to understand global struggles, and that’s why I am in Kalø. I came here to empower myself by learning organic farming. Because I can’t interpret the world without acting towards it and I need to understand the balance between nature and humans. I came to comprehend an agricultural model producing differently and surround myself by other youth with similar values.