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“One thing that I have defenetly learnd in my time here is the value of food. I think I will never just go in a supermarked without questioning where all the food comes from and how much work it was to produce it. Learning more about agriculture and the different approaches to it is a very valuable experience for me”.  Codelia Weis, Germany

After years of studying and learning a lot of theory at the university, it become important to me to do some more practical work . As I also wanted to explore a new country, I started looking for different projects under the European Voluntary Service (EVS). Different coincidences led me eventually to Kalø Økologisk Landbrugsskole. As a volunteer I am a part of the team that is working on the farm and participate in many different tasks.

The daily tasks are mainly the farmshop and taking care of the animals. Furthermore are there different other tasks which change from day to day, e.g. weeding, sowing, building fences or working in the greenhouse. Often the work days are so quite divers. All in all I am one year here on the farm. This enables me to experience the different seasons and the changing tasks and working conditions. I enjoy it a lot to see the growth and development of both plants and animals and it is satisfying to harvest from the plants you also sowed. The longer I am here, the more experience I also get and the more I am able to work indepently. This is sometimes a challenge, but gives me also a lot of room for personal development.